The Born of BOPOchain

Why we invited this?

VR/AR technology is one of the most popular cutting-edge technology in the world right now. With the lead of the world-class technology giant, the VR/AR is developing within an incredible speed. In our prediction, VR/AR will open the gate of “surrealism” for scientist and lead another scientist revolution----- The virtual world will just beside you, we will use VR/AR to copy everything in real life to make everyone could do anything they want in virtual world let them immerse themselves in virtual world, we could creating innumerable parallel spaces to make people repeatedly experience the wonderful moments, free them from the constraints of time and space.

For this goal, we have designed the Bopochain. By using the Bokocloud and blockchain technology, the interact between big file and chain could be achieved, the problem of big data storage, flow and transfer could be solved

About venture capital support program

The BOPOchain Venture Capital Fund is operated by a professional fund investment institution. BOPOchain is a rich scenario application that supports AR / VR-related ventures and integrates AR / VR with blockchain-related industries through investment like equity participation and acquisitions.


With a dedicated payment gateway in the global electronic virtual community, BOPOchain will serve as a digital currency for circulation in the global virtual e-community, enabling users to purchase VR / AR applications and content directly with Bopochain (Point-of-Currency) for point-to-point Value transmission. Currently, Boko Foundation has reached an agreement with Bokocloud for the exclusive use of Bokocloud equipment worldwide (except for Mainland China) as the blockchain infrastructure for the BOPO Global Virtual Community. BOPO Foundation has reached a underlying cooperation agreement with the BaoFeng Media, the chain of Chinese nodes will run on the BaoFeng cloud.

BOPOchain Foundation

BOPOchain Foundation is a non-profit organization which is going to be funded in Sinapore. BOPO Foundation is mainly engaged in the early development of BOPO and AR / VR application scenarios. BOPOchain Foundation is promoting the development of AR / VR blockchain technology, seeking to be an innovative leader in AR / VR and blockchain technologies and shape the development of open source communities.

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